5 Lessons from the Wright brothers

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The early pioneers of flight faced tremendous obstacles. The experiments were expensive and extremely dangerous. And those brave souls who devoted themselves to developing “flying machines” were ridiculed as cranks and fools.

Such knowledge makes the achievements of the Wright Brothers all the more remarkable. In his outstanding new book on the brothers, The Wright Brothers, David McCullough notes,

In no way did any of this discourage or deter Wilbur and Orville Wright, any more than the fact they had no college education, no formal technical training, no experience working with anyone other than themselves, no friends in high places, no financial backers, no government subsidies, and little money of their own. Or the entirely real possibility that at some point, like Otto Lilienthal [a German glider enthusiast], they could be killed.

Instead, the brothers remained focused on their mission with an unyielding determination.

Learning how to fly is one of the greatest accomplishments in all of human history. I came away from this book in awe of the incredible discipline, determination, and courage of the Wright brothers. I truly believe that each of us can improve ourselves greatly by learning from their remarkable example. Below are five lessons on how to be successful from Wilbur and Orville Wright.

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