Stephanie Hunt of Morgantown, IN about to fly.
Stephanie Hunt of Morgantown, IN about to fly. (Photo: Air Camp)

Air Camp 2014 inspires 127 young people

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Air Camp wrapped up the last of its three summer camps on July 18. The week-long camps inspired 127 students who came from 21 states across the U.S. and also Saudi Arabia and Switzerland. A fourth of the students were female and 18 percent were minorities, according to Executive Director Ken Curell.

Dayton International Airport is now an air camp supporter, and this year the camps added a behind-the-scenes tour of its baggage screening area in which the students were exposed to the engineering and technology involved in the handling, screening, sorting and delivery of passenger bags. They put an Air Camp decorated bag on the belt behind the passenger counter and were able to track it from the counter area to the baggage cart. (The bag was not loaded onto an aircraft.)

“We had three absolutely beautiful days to fly our students and everyone of them left the airplane wanting to do more, despite some trepidations beforehand,” Curell added.

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