Group photo of AirCamp kids in red tee shirts looking out the back cargo door of a C-17 airlifted

Air Camp USA draws future fliers

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Air Camp USA this week is wrapping up the thirdĀ of its three camps for 2015. Camps are already scheduled for 2016.

Air Camp is a weeklong summer camp for middle school students to learn about aviation and the science, technology, engineering and mathematics of aeronautics. Every day is packed with activities from morning until late evening. Air Camp students take flight ground school, chart their course and fly as a student pilot. They also explore exciting aviation sites around Dayton, Ohio, where the Wright Brothers invented and perfected manned, powered, controlled, heavier-than-air flight. Dayton is home to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, where Air Camp students will get to go behind the scenes and meet scientists from the Air Force Research Laboratory. The week ends with a special team project to plan a humanitarian air mission.

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