Wright Family Foundation

The Wright Family Foundation supports the preservation of aviation history related to Orville and Wilbur Wright by funding research and publication of aviation history, scholarships for studies in the fields of aviation and aeronautics, educational programming, the restoration and display of aviation artifacts, and landmarks and memorials related to the Wright brothers’ story. Established at The Dayton Foundation by Wilkinson Wright, the Wright brothers’ grandnephew, the fund today is advised by Stephen Wright and Amanda Wright Lane, great-grandnephew and great-grandniece respectively.

In addition, since 2006 the Wright Family Foundation has been involved with the operation of Hawthorn Hill after NCR Corporation returned the home to the Wright Family following 58 years of ownership. The company had purchased Hawthorn Hill in 1948 after the house was put up for sale following Orville Wright’s death that year, and preserved the home and its historic artifacts. In 1991 Hawthorn Hill was designated as a National Historic Landmark and on March 31, 2009, it became a part of the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park. The Wright Family Foundation seeks to use Hawthorn Hill as the focal point for the promotion of the Dayton region’s aviation legacy and the great Wright brothers’ story. Hawthorn Hill, which incorporates Orville Wright’s affinity for inventive gadgetry, hosted many dignitaries, including Charles Lindbergh in June 1927 following his historic flight from New York to Paris that year. Other dignitaries and inventors who were guests of the Wrights at Hawthorn Hill include Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison. Public access to the home today is offered by the Wright Family in partnership with Dayton History and the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park.

For more information, please visit thewrightbrothersfamilyfdn.org