Wright Image Group

The Wright Image Group is an organization whose purpose is to promote southwest Ohio’s invention of the airplane and its leadership in aviation, aerospace, and related technologies.

The Wright Brothers aeroplane is instantly recognizable to people all over the world and an icon only Dayton can proudly call its own. To keep this legacy alive and promote Dayton’s current role as the high technology center of the heartland, the Wright Image Group has taken the lead in building the Wright Flyer Monument. With a 120′ wingspan (the distance of the original flight), the imposing structure sitting atop a pedestal 220′ high at the crossroads of I-70 and I-75 will be seen by over 156,000 vehicles a day and over 52 million annually.

The monument will stand as a proud reminder of the major role Dayton has played and continues to play in technology and aerospace industries. In the recent past, it has been estimated that nearly 60,000 jobs in the region resulted from activities concerning aviation and aerospace research and technology. The Dayton area is home for one of the largest concentrations of aerospace engineers, scientists and technical expertise. Additionally, the numerous manufacturing facilities, service offices and advanced laboratories working in the field of aviation comprise one of the highest such concentrations in the country. The Wright Flyer Monument will not only commemorate Dayton as the birthplace of aviation but also the hope and future of aerospace and aviation engineering advancement.

For more information, please visit:  wrightmonument.org