Aviator Bar lands many in local military

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[Excerpt] [Montgomery, Ala.—]From the F-16 canopy and ejection seat sitting alongside Tuskegee Airman Red Tail models downstairs, to the World War II London Blitz room down the hall and a close-up look at British and German model fighters upstairs, the Aviator Bar is rife with history. …

Walking into the Aviator Bar at 166 Commerce St. downtown is like taking a step into another world — a world the military is quite at home with.

“The idea was primarily to pay homage to the city of Montgomery’s rich aviation heritage, because the Wright Brothers founded the first school for civil aviation here in 1910,” said Mike Watson, who manages the Aviator Bar.

At every turn, first-time visitors are greeted with war-time memorabilia, nostalgia and a near-life-size replica of the Wright Flyer hanging overheard.

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