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Dayton History acquires Patterson Homestead

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DAYTON, Ohio—Dayton History has acquired the historic Patterson Homestead as a gift from the City of Dayton in order to ensure the long-term preservation of the property and the history of the Patterson family, according to a Dayton History announcement.

Having operated the site for more than 40 years, Dayton History officials said they are  eager to undertake the task of restoring and maintaining the nearly 200 year-old building and the surrounding grounds. The Patterson Homestead is all that remains of Col. Robert Patterson’s once 2,000 acre plot known as Rubicon Farm.

A native of Pennsylvania, Patterson earned his title fighting in the Revolutionary War. He is considered one of the founding fathers of Dayton. He also founded Lexington, Kentucky and helped to establish Cincinnati. Upon Patterson’s death in 1827, the homestead was inherited by his youngest son, Jefferson Patterson, who would father the most well-known member of the family, John H. Patterson.

John H. Patterson is recognized as the founder of National Cash Register, today known as NCR Corp., when he and his brother Frank purchased the National Manufacturing Company in 1884. When Frank died in 1901, John assumed full leadership of the company. Patterson instituted a number of innovative business practices that helped to shape the modern industrial world.

The Patterson Homestead captures the rich history of a family that has significantly impacted the development of Dayton and the surrounding region. The legacy left by the Pattersons will continue to live on at the Homestead where the stories can be preserved and shared with generations to come. Dayton History is honored to be entrusted with the care of this historic landmark.

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