Dayton is Ground Zero on The Aviation Trail

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To say that I was amazed by all the aviation history that I saw during a recent visit to Dayton, Ohio, would be an understatement. The National Aviation Heritage Alliance (NAHA) invited a group of aviation writers to the first Aviation Writers Summit in Dayton and shared with us many stops on The Aviation Trail, a series of 52 historical aviation sites open to the public and centered around the activities of the Wright Brothers.

My reaction, which mirrored that of my aviation writer colleagues, is common for anyone interested in aviation who hasn’t yet visited Dayton, according to NAHA executive director Tony Sculimbrene. Before the trip, if anyone had asked me about Dayton’s significance to aviation, I would have answered that it was where Orville and Wilbur Wright began researching their airplane designs and where much of early aviation history took place. That barely scratches the surface, as our journey on The Aviation Trail soon revealed.

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