Dayton man still pursuing 20-year dream to get Wright Flyer on Ohio state seal

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For William W. Burnett, a 65-year-old Dayton-area resident, Ohio’s connection with aviation history is a “principle of the true facts” — and he’s quick to correct anyone who thinks otherwise.

His dad was a comptroller at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. His grandfather on his mom’s side was a mechanical engineer who worked with Orville Wright during the early days of aviation. And for most of his life, he’s lived in the same town where the Wright brothers once lived….

That passion has led him on a 20-year journey through committee meetings and legislators’ offices to put the Wright Flyer, the first powered heavier-than-air flying machine, on the Ohio state seal.

“I thought it would have been a much faster process,” Burnett said. “Never having delved into the political arena in this manner I thought the obvious decision of adding an image of the Wright brothers’ flyer to the state seal wouldn’t have been as much of an issue as it has been.”

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