Daytonians Join in 70th Anniversary Celebration of VE Day

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Last week WYSO’s aviation commentators, Paul Glenshaw and Dan Patterson, teamed up to cover the World War II Flyover in Washington DC. A parade of privately owned vintage warbirds celebrated the 70th of VE Day – the victory in Europe. Paul recorded voices and Dan took photographs to bring us this impression of the event.

The Flyover took place on a beautiful spring day. Ceremonies at the World War II memorial preceded the Flyover, which brought the airplanes straight up the National Mall.

The crowd was huge, with people of all ages and types mingling, and waiting for the airplanes to arrive. There were plenty of aviation fans, from two-year-old Hudson Shapiro, who already knows the B-29 named “Fifi,” to retired Marine Mark Reagan, decked out in a vintage marine uniform to Air Force Master Sergeant Danielle Harmon.

“I’m probably going to be in tears,” she said ahead of the Flyover. “Those aircraft are the birth of my service. We’ve been around 68 years this September, and we’ve changed the face of warfare.”

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