Hawaizaada: Did Indian build plane before Wright brothers?

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Vibhu Puri’s debut feature Hawaizaada,inspired by nineteenth-century aviator Shivkar Talpade, is landing in cinemas at the right or the wrong time, depending on which side of the debate about ancient Indian science you are on. …

Hawaizaada stars Ayushmann Khurana as Talpade, who some people believe built an aircraft that undertook the world’s first unmanned flight somewhere in Maharashtra in 1895. Talpade is regarded by some as a forgotten hero who could have beaten the American Wright brothers, who got their Wright Flyer off the ground in 1903. Designs of Talpade’s aircraft still exist, but it isn’t clear whether he was out to fly a plane or a kite. There is little evidence that he launched his contraption in the air.

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