man losing sight aims to finish bucket list

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A Southern Door man wants to see the sunrise from a hot air balloon before he loses his vision completely.

Aaron Brenneke, 42, was told three years ago he was about to see his last Christmas because he was losing his eyesight to cardiomyopathy of the bird shot variety. Brenneke, a married father of three, has been dealing with serious health problems for about 18 years….

As Brenneke’s sight fades (he can only see about 10 yards away) he wants to finish a few more things off the sight bucket list.

“The sunrise in a balloon, that’s the No. 1,” he said. In particular he would like to take the ride over a body of water….

He has already checked a few items off his list. He saw his daughter, Raven, graduate from Southern Door High School and visited the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force in Dayton, Ohio.

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