Photo of Steve Brown with Ivonete Wright Miller Award and family at NAHA Annual Meeting, 26 August 2014.
Steve Brown with Ivonete Wright Miller Award and family at NAHA Annual Meeting, 26 August 2014.

NAHA calls for award nominations

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Which aviation heritage volunteer will receive this year’s Ivonette Wright Miller Award? Which NAHA partner will win the PROPS award for outstanding support of another partner? What individual, business or organization will win the Wick Wright Award for its support of a partner?

NAHA partners have until close of business on Friday, July 10 to nominate a volunteer, partner or benefactor for one of the awards. The awards will be announced and presented at NAHA’s annual meeting on Sept. 1, held for the first time in Dayton History’s Carillon Brewing Co. at Carillon Historical Park.

Architect Steve Brown won the 2014 Ivonette Wright Miller award, named for the niece of Wilbur and Orville Wright. Brown was honored for volunteerism that has spanned more than three decades and encompassed more than NAHA and its partners.

The Wilkinson “Wick” Wright Award, named for the grandnephew of the Wright brothers, honors an individual or organization that has provided outstanding support to a NAHA partner. The Dayton Foundation received the 2014 award for its significant contributions and support to the Wright Family Foundation and its involvement with Hawthorn Hill, the final home of Orville Wright.

The PROPS (Partner Recognition of Phenomenal Support) Award honors a NAHA partner that has significantly helped another NAHA partner. Dayton History received the 2014 award for taking on the huge challenge of accepting ownership of Hawthorn Hill from the Wright Family Foundation.

No form is required, but the nomination should clearly identify the person or organization to be identified with some biographical information and the reason for the nomination. Nominees for the Ivonette Wright Miller Award must be living at the time of the nomination.