Ohio bill would add historic Wright Flyer to state’s seal

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio lawmaker who has led the fight against Connecticut’s claim that another aviator beat the Wright brothers as first in flight now wants the Wright Flyer emblazoned on Ohio’s state seal.

It’s not clear whether the bill state Rep. Rick Perales introduced last month will fly. The idea of adding the historic plane to the rustic scene pictured on The Great Seal of the State of Ohio has been floating around since 1998 without the votes to pass.

Perales, a Republican from a suburb of Dayton, Orville and Wilbur Wright’s hometown, said the suggested change is “part of the larger picture” of promoting Ohio’s ingenuity and aerospace industry. He chairs the Ohio Aerospace and Aviation Technology Committee that’s working to develop a comprehensive strategic aerospace plan for the state.

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