Ohio trolls Connecticut’s attempts to rewrite history

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Connecticut’s war against aviation history has escalated. Now it involves books and baseball.

For the last several months, Connecticut and Ohio have exchanged harsh words and attempted to pass laws over who was the first person to achieve flight in a motorized aircraft. According to Ohio — and pretty much the rest of the world—the honor goes to Buckeye state brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright, whose Wright Flyer took off on December 17, 1903.

Ohio is very proud of this fact, and hasnot taken kindly to Connecticut’s persistent claim that resident Gustave Whitehead achieved flight two years before the Wrights, 114 years ago today. …

Now, Ohio’s National Aviation Heritage Alliance is fighting back … with the gift of knowledge. On Thursday, NAHA announced that it is donating three books about the Wright Brothers to the Connecticut State Library, in the hopes that Connecticut’s legislators will read them and stop trying to make Gustave Whitehead happen.

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