Ohio Weather Forces Innovation In Early Flight

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click For flyers, the weather is the constant variable.  It determines where you’re going to fly, if at all, and this weather lately…makes flying a challenge.

source link The Wright Brothers wrote to the US Weather Service to find a good place to even try to fly.  They found the constant winds of the Outer Banks in North Carolina to be just what they needed.

iphone 6+ ohne vertrag o2 After they flew their powered airplane in 1903 on the beach, they decided to experiment closer to home and worked at Huffman Prairie, now a part of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The summer of 1904 was a typical Ohio summer, hot and humid with thunderstorms.  At times, the Wrights had to wait for weeks for the weather to calm and for the prairie to dry out.

cam 4 4 Read and hear Dan Patterson’s commentary on WSYO.