Photo showing exterior of WACO glider theater
WACO glider theater, exterior view (Photo: WACO Air Museum)

WACO glider theater takes off

In Historic WACO Field, NAHA News /

TROY, Ohio—WACO Air Museum visitors can now experience the look and feel of the famous gliders that silently penetrated enemy lines during World War II.

The WACO glider theater is built inside and out to resemble one of the small CG-4A gliders WACO built in its Troy, Ohio factory during the war. Visitors can sit inside the glider  on facing benches, just as troops did, and watch a video about the manufacturing of the gliders and their use in Europe and Asia.

Photo of the interior of the WACO glider theater.

WACO glider theater, interior view. (Photo: WACO Air Museum)

The WACO factory produced more than 1,000 CG-4A gliders, while additional gliders were manufactured in other locations around the United States.

The WACO Air Museum is located at 1865 S. County Road 25A in Troy, Ohio, on the 77-acre Historic WACO Field along with the WACO Aviation Learning Center and a 2,200 foot grass runway (2,000 feet usable). The museum preserves the history of the WACO Aircraft Co., which was the largest U.S. manufacturer of civil aircraft in the 1920s and early ’30s. Visit for more information.