Four US Air Force families being honored on the Great American BallPark Field
Cincinnati Reds honor WPAFB airmen and families at Military Appreciation Night in Cincinnati in 2010 (Photo: USAF)

WPAFB ties as best U.S. base for airmen

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Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has tied for first place as the best U.S. base for airmen in a study conducted by Air Force Times, an independent weekly magazine focused on life in the Air Force.

It shared the top spot with Scott Air Force Base in Illinois.

The Gannett publication said it looked at 68 stateside Air Force bases and their surrounding communities, ranking them on 12 factors such as school quality, the local economy, crime rates, traffic, climate and on-base amenities. The report is available online here.

Wright-Patterson’s strong ties with surrounding communities helped its ranking, said Jeff Hoagland, president and CEO of the Dayton Development Coalition. “This report reflects the strong relationship the region has with WPAFB, a partnership we continue to build. We have a great community that shows how much it values Wright-Patterson,” he said.

Tony Sculimbrene, NAHA’s executive director, said Wright-Patterson’s rich history is an intangible part of its value. “It is where flight began. No other Air Force base can make that claim,” he said.

After their first powered flights in North Carolina, the Wright brothers continued their experiments and demonstrated the first practical airplane on Huffman Prairie. The prairie later became the site of their flying school and is now preserved on Wright-Patterson as a publicly accessible unit of the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park.