Photo of Amanda Wright Lane speaking at YWCA's 2017 Women of Influence awards luncheon
Amanda Wright Lane speaks at YWCA’s 2017 Women of Influence awards luncheon (Photo courtesy Dayton YWCA)

Wright descendant: belief drives success

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DAYTON, Ohio—A descendent of the Wright brothers was among eight women the Dayton WYCA honored during its 2017 Women of Influence awards luncheon in March.

Amanda Wright Lane joined the ranks of women the annual event has recognized for 20 years as those who have made a difference in the community. Lane lives in Columbus but commutes regularly to Dayton, were she serves on numerous boards and committees, including NAHA’s board of trustees.

Others receiving the award were Carmen Gooden, co-founder and executive director, Linda Vista Inc.; Sandy Gudorf, president, Downtown Dayton Partnership; Michelle Riley, CEO, The Foodbank; Judy Cook, former mayor, City of Oakwood; Maj. Wendy Stiver, Dayton Police Department, and Stacy Thompson, vice president and regional manager for corporate responsibility banking, KeyBank.

The event also posthumously honored Jeraldyne Blunden, founder of Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, with the 2017 Women of Influence Lifetime Achievement Award.

In her acceptance remarks, Lane drew on the aviation legacy of her famous uncles, Wilbur and Orville Wright, to illustrate the importance of belief to achieving goals.

“Uncle Orv’s and Will’s legacy to all of us was not about the invention of a flying machine,” Lane said. Their achievement taught us that hard work, perseverance, confidence, creativity [and] integrity can lead to success in life for anyone, for everyone. The Brothers were not dreamers because they were convinced that flight was possible to man, and of course, to woman.”

Lane continued, “Belief is more than a dream. Belief allows us to fly. That’s the lesson for our children, whether they are pursuing ballet, or marine biology, or passage to Mars… believe.”